April 19, 2020 | Fort Worth, TX

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Join us for Reverie's First-Annual Pop-Up Shop. Enjoy drinks and appetizers, live music, and shop our pre-release Summer 2020 products.
Satisfy all your CBD needs to chill out.


Bath Bomb

Dosage: 200mg per Bath Bomb

This isn’t your mother’s bubble bath. Get your face mask on, your glass of wine filled to the brim and your favorite playlist bumping and hop into the tub with this Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb.

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Chocolate Sauce

Dosage: 12 mg per Tablespoon

Getting a CBD dose and treating your sweet tooth? If you want to make a commitment to a few hours of sweet release, then check out our CBD chocolate sauce.

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Raw Honey

Dosage: 27 mg per Teaspoon

Between work, family and keeping up your social life, you can definitely feel like a busy little bee — so it’s time to treat yourself to some sweet, sweet hemp honey.

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Vape Pen

Dosage: 2 mg per 5 second Vape

What’s better than a vaporizer that you don’t confuse with your flashdrive? How about a vaporizer that gives you high-quality, strong CBD relief within minutes.

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Healing Stick

Dosage: 5 mg per Swipe

We all have some stubborn things in our lives that just won’t go away. While you can’t swipe those nuisances away, you can swipe away your other aches and pains with the Healing Stick.

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CBD Patch

Dosage: 100 mg

Though it might be small, the Upstate Elevator Co.’s Transdermal CBD Patch sure is mighty. All you have to do is apply the patch and head on your way. It’s really that easy.

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